What is this night all about?

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22nd April 2016. Indie Booksellers’ Night •  in Budapest and several other towns all over Hungary

We invite everyone who loves the city’s little bookstores for an evening walk or cycle. This will be the fifth Indie Booksellers’ Night with plenty of joyful and mindful programs going on in the 29 venues that joined the event, so we encourage the city’s residents and visitors to explore its independent bookstores.

This year we organize our programme in partnership with foreign countries’ cultural institutes, cultural organisations and the International Book Festival of Budapest.

Biatorbágy, Budapest, Debrecen, Nagykovácsi, Pécs, Sopron, Szentendre, Székesfehérvár, Vác

Facebook: https://hu-hu.facebook.com/kiskonyvesej.

The participating stores for 2016

Foreign Cultural Institutes and Embassies participating in 2016

City Walks and Rides

  • Ambrus Judit
  • CurioCity Budapest
  • Saly Noémi



  Hungarian Delegation of the Flemish Government


The Indie Booksellers’ Night is still open to new participants. Contact us at: kiskonyvesej@gmail.com


Memories from the past years' festivals:

2012 - the first Indie Booksellers' Night

On April 19th until midnight, like midnight owls we can explore and immerse ourselves in the special atmosphere of these little shops, flip through the pages of their books to our hearts’ content. The goal of the event is to call the attention of a city-dwelling, forward-looking, book-hungry audience to the diversity and benefits of independent bookstores, in tune with the needs of the conscious shopper. The second equally important goal is so that the independent shops can get to know each other and share with each other ideas for collaboration and cooperation. In this way they can strengthen themselves, offering better services to their shoppers and better programs to their guests. The event can come to existence with the support of NKA.

English book-selling venues of the Indie Booksellers’ Night are Massolit, Atlantis Könyvsziget, Bookstation, Famulus and Libra.


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